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5th November 2010, at the Royal Dublin Society

icon Valorisation Report: The Role of Gender in Research and in Scientific Enterprise, Ireland Valorisation Symposia

The aim of the genSET valorisation workshops was to:

  • Introduce the genSET consensus report with the Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science
  • Identify how the consensus Recommendations could be promoted and implemented within and through the institutions making up the science system in the selected countries (Ireland and Poland)
  • Promote a new approach to addressing gender issues in science, focused on the role of the gender dimension in influencing the excellence of S&T&I in the selected countries
  • Learn about the structures and mechanisms available in these countries for mainstreaming gender in science

The workshop in Ireland was delivered as a joint event with Euroscience (genSET Patron), and in particular, the Irish Group of Euroscience. During the open discussion session, participants explored and discussed how the gender dimension in science could be best approached in Ireland, and how national institutions could be encouraged to implement the genSET Recommendations. The issues of particular interest in relation of the Workshop Report and reporting the outcomes to the European Commission included:

  • Gender strategies and gender research knowledge as drivers for research innovation, and equality and excellence in science
  • Impact of European and national gender mainstreaming policies on national science policies and societal expectations
  • Creating dialogue for knowledge transfer involving science community, gender research community and policy makers to promote action on the gender dimension in science as part of the European Research Area and Framework Programme 8.