Recommendations Report
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Prof Tarrach, President, Luxembourg University, signing the Recommendations Report at the final Consensus Seminar, the Finish Institute, ParisDownload the consensus report:

genSET Consensus Report Recommendations for Action on the Gender Dimension in Science

The deliberations of the 14-strong Science Leaders Panel on the gender dimension in science have concluded with an overall institutional gender strategy composed of four priority areas and 13 specific recommendations.  The report represents a new and authoritative voice, from scientists to scientists.

Notably, the work of the Science Leaders Panel has highlighted only the beginning of an important dialogue between gender experts and leaders of scientific institutions.  The 120+ research reports used by the Panel, and the consultations held with the high-ranking gender research experts,  in order to produce the Consensus Report, reflect only a small part of the gender expertise available across Europe.

Read about the Science Leaders Panel that produced report recommendations on the and the gender experts that aided them,participants page.

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